New Move

Hey everyone, we have moved again and hopefully the last. Please update your bookmarks to but if you have you dont need to change because it will direct you to the right page, but still try to use the other link
instead of this one ^__^.

One of the main reasons we have moved once again is because right now i have more freedom to edit wp at my will unlike while we were hosted by WordPress, we can finally add lots of stuff that we werent able to while there.
Well hopefully this was for the best

Sorry for any inconvenience

Another Release day!!!

This time is for the Neon Genesis Evangelion: Iron Maiden 2nd, have fun with the start of vol5.
Special Thanks goes to ChronoXIII for suppling us with the Raws for this and the next volume

NGE Iron Maiden v5c01
Mediafire | Divshare | Torrent (Link to the torrent has been changed)

The end of the world is really near!!!

How can this be, another release?? The apocalypse is really near…. i would hide myself in a hole if i were you, we can never know what will happen next.

Here’s Glaucos Log10 (end of volume 1) to take it with you to the hole you are gonna stay at.
Mediafire | Divshare | Torrent

Volume 1

Btw i’ve been working like a slave to bring this and the next release to you……..maybe…. so any appreciation is always welcome xD

Karasuma Kyouko

2 days 2 updates !!! omg the world is going to end….

After a while here we have more KK and this marks the end of the 1st volume and the next chapter marks the beginning of a new volume (noooo really??)

Volume 1 Chapter 6
Mediafire | Divshare | Torrent | DDL (thx to krotch)

Volume 1
Divshare | Mediafire

Edit: Added a new Mediafire and Divshare link to download Volume 1. If you already downloaded Volume 1 from divshare you should redownload it as it contains some corrupted pages. I have no idea why though…I hope wit works now, sorry for the inconvenience. -yal

PS: I hope the file is fine now. Please tell me if it’s not :d

Raw Request – Editors Needed

hey everyone again this is not a release post sorry (please dont kill me ^^’)

I’m here to request some HQ raws of Cynical Orange, the current ones we have are with really Low Resolution and we cant almost work on them.
So if anyone is able to find them for us we would really appreciate it.

We are currently looking for some dedicated Editors, the requirements are:

1st – Doesnt go missing after 1ch/1week /1whatever u put here
2nd – Its required to know how to work with IRC, if you dont know its okay we can teach you how
3rd – When you contact us also send your MSN Contact and your most used email

Check this post as i’ll keep it updated if we make some changes

it’s bone’s birthday – but no release

yes bone i’m even spreadin the joy of your birthday wishes here *more evil laughter*

*huggleglomp* i hope you have a great day <3

we should really have a birthday release for you at least but…

thanks for letting us know ne?

New Release?? Oo

Well guess what, here you have KK again. But dont expect another one soon…. or maybe you can…. Just think whatever you want.

Torrent | MF | DS

We are currently Looking for a Korean Translator, if you think you can help us come to our IRC Channel, mail us or go to the forum and PM me (BoneCraKeR)

Karasuma Kyouko

After a millenia here is another release from Nibo Karasuma Kyouko v01c04

Torrent | Mediafire | DivShare

Delays and why?

Just came here to say why there werent any releases in this last days, well …. 2 editors and 1 proofer have gone MIA :\
They got lost in their little huge tiny jungle of theirs so i thought i would send their families an email stating so, but i thought i might wait a while longer till sending so.

But just to make sure, we are currently looking for more slaves for those “free” positions, if you want to apply for those you have to have a requirement, the use of IRC, because that’s the only place i will accept any appliances ^_^
Well you can always send us an email if you want to join too xD, but you’ll have to learn the uses of IRC

P.S.: Bonus points if you are a girl =D
Update: Mooney is back =D, so now is just 1 editor and 1 proofer gone ^_^

Cynical Orange ch2a

Here it is a new chapter of CO brought to you by yours truly Nibo Scanlations.
Well if you are lucky and we aren’t lazy you can expect more releases this week ^__^

Without further annoyance by me here is the chapter

| Mediafire | Megaupload | Divshare